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Shed & Buried Series 6 starts in June

Henry Cole and Fuzz Townshend will return to the nation’s small screens - and outbuildings - this June, with brand new episodes of Shed & Buried.

Now in its sixth series, Shed & Buried brings together bike-mad Henry with fellow vehicle fanatic Fuzz and expert restorer Guy Willison, to do what they do best - unearthing the automotive antiquities buried in Britain's sheds, outbuildings and barns.

Top haggler Henry has a real eye for a bargain and loves all things two- three- and four-wheeled - and is rather partial to a period petrol pump. He’ll be on the hunt for cars, bikes, boats, tractors and anything else motoring-related he can lay his hands on.

Helping him out - and holding him back from buying something before they can give it the once over - are Fuzz Townshend and Guy ‘Skid’ Willison. They’ll have the unenviable task of getting whatever Henry finds up and running again. Engineering genius Allen Millyard is also on call again, for engines that refuse to run.

Will they find a nice little earner? Maybe. Whatever happens, there’s guaranteed to be a lot of rummaging, a bit of fiddling, fettling and polishing, tea and biscuits, and plenty of pleasure in resurrecting long-neglected vehicles.

Shed & Buried returns to Quest (Freeview channel 12) from 11th June. It’s also available to stream on the discovery+ website at

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This is great news, can't beat a bit of Shed & Buried on our screens. More items to discover, more things that I haven't heard of, more tinkering and more reasons why I love what Henry, Guy, Milly and Fuzz, what's not to like?

Yes, I watched it when Sam was on the show, but I support him in working on the bikes in his workshop and how he is too busy. I do miss Sam but he has to do what he can for Brough Superior, and any true fan of the show would know that Sam was working for Brough before Henry and Sam met at the Bonneville Salt Flats. I respect that, and my entertainment is not…


Paul Wain
Paul Wain
Apr 25

Great program but needs Sam back

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