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NEW TV - Shed & Buried: Classic Cars

Updated: Mar 8

Henry Cole, Britain's most enthusiastic TV biker, is turning his attention from two wheels to four this spring, for eight special one-hour episodes of Shed & Buried

Shed & Buried: Classic Cars sees Henry team-up with Fuzz Townshend once again. The duo will be doing what they do best: digging in the nation's sheds, barns and outbuildings, this time to (hopefully) find a tidy profit in some vintage motors. 

Henry’s love of motorbikes and tractors is well-known, but he still has a soft spot for classic cars. Fuzz - who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things automotive - is the perfect partner to help him unearth some classic four-wheelers and turn them into nice little earners. 

That's only half the battle - once their finds are back in the shed, restorer extraordinaire Guy Willison and engineering genius Allen Millyard will be put to the test, turning the rusty wrecks the lads have unearthed into right royal runners. 

As always, Henry will need to keep Fuzz focused, to make sure he doesn’t buy an obscure vintage bus or lorry. Fuzz will have to keep an eye on Henry too, as he’s usually done a deal before Fuzz can even lift the bonnet. 

“Fuzz might have to steer me away from a few two-wheelers while he's at it, as old habits die hard” says Henry. “I’m hoping to sneak the odd classic bike past him on the QT”.

We can’t guarantee they’ll turn a profit, but there will be plenty of entertainment, when the team take the restored cars for a test ride in their natural environment.

Shed & Buried: Classic Cars will be shown on Thursdays from 21 March at 9pm on Quest (Freeview channel number 12) and will also be available to stream on the discovery+ website at

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1 Comment

I've been watching Henry Cole programs since "Cars and Stars" days and what I do know is that his programs are some of the bests in my opinion. I've seen other people's programs, and they lose me after a while, but Henry has staying power, with honest down to earth fun, antics and creativity. In this throw away society it is refreshing to see items being refurbed, repaired and made good to carry on for years to come and going from what I've seen with Henry then this new series is bound to be a ripper, high quality, and memorable for the right reasons. Come along and enjoy the journey, with as many wheels as you like. 😉

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