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The Motorbike Show




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Number of Episodes

63 x 1hrs

Number of Series



  • YouTube

Britain’s best-loved and longest-running motorcycle magazine programme is presented by Henry Cole, who shares his passion for motorised two-wheelers with an infectious enthusiasm.

Now in its 12th season, the current series is sponsored by MotoLegends.  This support enables Henry and the team to go the extra mile and tackle new challenges, such as land speed records.

Each series features a restoration project, starting with a bike in need of some TLC, which will be transformed, with a little help from Henry’s mechanically-minded pals Allen Millyard and Huy 'Skid' Willison. Viewers also get an insight into the many amazing specialists who take on the chrome-plating, sandblasting and spray painting.

For the adventurous, Henry rides out on some of his favourite roads, both in the UK and further afield, taking the opportunity to test different bits of machinery in different environments whilst imploring the viewer to get off their sofa and explore the great outdoors at the weekend.

Iconic motorbikes regularly feature too, from the humble utilitarian Honda Cub to the mighty 1000cc Laverda Jota, the fastest road bike of its era.

Plus visits to shows and events, chats with racers and personalities from the world of motorcycling and more besides. It’s amazing how he crams it all into an hour.


The Motorbike Show is sponsored by

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