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Riding Route 66 - Henry Cole's new book

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Riding Route 66: Finding Myself on America’s Mother Road follows Henry Cole as he travels along America's most famous highway on a journey of self-discovery.

Known as 'Mother Road', Route 66 is one of the most famous highways in the USA. Crossing the width of the country, it is an immensely challenging route to travel and Henry has ridden it three times. This book is about the freedom that only the road and a motorcycle can give you, and the importance of embracing the highs and lows of life equally.

The book is more than the story of a road trip, as Henry explains; "Every time I have ridden 66, within 10 miles of setting off, I never want that ride to end. I think it's because Route 66 encapsulates struggle and, ultimately, triumphing over unimaginably difficult conditions. I think everyone can connect with that."

One of the most-recognised faces in UK motorcycling, Henry Cole is on television most days of the year as the presenter of shows like The World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides, The Motorbike Show, Shed and Buried, Junk & Disorderly and Find It, Fix It, Flog It! His career also involves producing and directing and he has his own television production company, HCA Entertainment. Henry is the author of two previous books, A Biker's Life and The Life-changing Magic of Sheds.

Riding Route 66: Finding Myself on America’s Mother Road is on sale from 6th June priced £22- (hardback, 272 pages) and is available on Amazon and from all good book shops.

Available to pre-order at

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I have been to the USA, from Hawaii to New York City, even visited both ends of Route 66. I really enjoyed the series of World's Greatest Rides, which includes Route 66 and all I can say is this is going to be a really great book, most likely to include events that didn't make it into the program due to time. I love Chicago and the Blues music scene, and the beach life in California, and there is so much more in-between. So, do what I've done and pre-book your copy now, I'm glad I did. All the best, Allan Black,

Southern Snowdonia, Wales UK


Andy Nix
Andy Nix
May 04

Thank you to all the team for all your excellent entertainment .. bring some youngsters into the show , whilst you still have the ability to relate to them , how about doing a few bike rallies and demystify these alien to most people events , I like to think of them as caravan club weekend events for bikers . Love all that you do but do wonder what Fuzz brings to the show , nice enough guy but never gets his hands dirty ... is this a contractual thing ? cheers Andy

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