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Find It Fix It Drive It




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Number of Episodes

10 x 1hrs

Number of Series



  • YouTube

Find It Fix It Drive It follows the fortunes of classic vehicle obsessed TV presenter Henry Cole and his best mate, talented engineer Sam Lovegrove, as they set out on a mission to ride, drive and compete in some of the craziest vehicular challenges on their bucket lists.

But first they need to find and buy the perfect vehicle for the job in hand. In each episode Henry & Sam scour the nation’s sheds, barns and basements in their quest to uncover automotive oddities that can be pressed back into service. Then the pressure is on to get them restored in time for the main event; Sam needs to use all his mechanical ingenuity while Henry calls in favours from other expert engineers he’s met on his travels. 

The climax of each show is the first outing of the freshly fixed vehicle, testing the capabilities of both design and driver. These endeavours include a ploughing championship on a vintage tractor, recreating an iconic 1970s motorbike for the UK’s biggest custom show and tackling the banking at Brooklands in a pre-war boat-tailed race car. 

For laughs, tears, classic vehicles, restoration and a couple of old friends taking on endeavours they should know better than to be involved in, Find It Fix It Drive It ticks all the boxes.

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