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New Series of Shed & Buried in October

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Henry Cole and friends return with a new series of Shed & Buried from 17th October.

Henry will be joined by fellow fanatic Fuzz Townshend, with top restorers Allen Millyard and Guy Willison, on the hunt for vintage treasures in the nation's sheds. They're going to buy them, fix them up, then sell them for a tidy profit.

That's the plan and fans will be able to follow the team's progress in ten brand new 30-minute episodes, as they wrestle with neglected motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors, petrol pumps and more, in an effort to bring them back to life.

Motorbike-mad Henry will be haggling, while Fuzz uses his automotive expertise to spot hidden gems on four wheels. Back in the shed, Guy's talent for restoration will be needed to transform rusty iron into 'gold' while Allen's engineering genius will be put to the test, making machines run for the first time in decades.

Tune in to Quest (Freeview channel number 12) at 9pm on Tuesdays from 17th October to view the new series.

Shed & Buried is also available to stream on the discovery+ website at

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3 komentarze

Went to set the record....can't see the new series in the 17th, still showing series 5 !!??

Fab- Biker
Fab- Biker
11 paź 2023
Odpowiada osobie:

Hello. That's odd. It's definitely showing on the Quest TV Guide, although they still refer to it as Series 5, it's definitely new


Allan Black
Allan Black
26 wrz 2023

O this has made my day, Shed and Buried back on our screens, very nice indeed. Bring it on, more tinkering, more antics, more banter, couldn't ask for anything more!

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