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Live resto in London

Our friends at MCN have invited myself, Millyard and Skid to their London Motorcycle Show to put on the ‘Ready to Ride’ Workshop.

Get ready for a mix of fascinating talks, live demonstrations, unique bikes, and ear-splitting fire-ups as we take to the stage from Friday 16th - Sunday 18th February.

You'll also have an opportunity to meet us (Allen & I will be there throughout and Guy is joining us over the weekend) AND we'll be bringing along a selection of our favourite motorbikes to display.

And there's more! We'll be fettling a Weslake Triton live on stage, recreating the magic that happens in the shed before your very eyes. With a bit of luck, and following wind, me may even be able to ire up this iconic British racing motorcycle!

The MCN show runs at LONDON EXCEL from 16th - 18th February. Click HERE to find out more about the ‘Ready to Ride’ Workshop and all of the other things to see and do. It's a packed programme!

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Cor I wish I could be there to see Milly in action and you and Guy of course, you're important too. I have visions of Henry cleaning the carbs, Milly keeping the work area tidy, and Guy keeping Henry under control, but who is going to make the tea? What I do know from previous shows is that if you are in the London area then you don't want to miss out on this, so please do go along, it'll be worth the effort.

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