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An Evening With Henry Cole

Henry Cole and Steve Parrish

Henry Cole fans will be able to get up close and personal with the man himself, as the effervescent presenter of Shed and Buried and The Motorbike Show embarks on his first ever theatre tour in 2024.

‘An Evening With Henry Cole’ takes place at five intimate theatre venues throughout April and May, and will take fans on a deep dive through Henry’s fascinating life and career.

Henry’s old mucker and former racing supremo Steve “Stavros” Parrish, will be hosting each of the shows.

Steve will guide Henry through his incredibly varied life, covering his battles with addiction in his late teens/early twenties; his 32 years in the TV and movie industry as a director, working in both film and advertising; the founding of HCA Entertainment - Henry’s TV Production company - and the journey into presenting.

There will of course also be plenty of chat around his lifelong passion for motorcycles and the tinkering and restoring of vintage machinery. Plus a good smattering of fishing, tractors, cycling and most importantly his wife Janie, two sons Charlie and Tom, and his dog Jelly Bean.

If that’s not enough, host Steve Parrish - former British Motorcycling champion, teammate to Barry Sheene and ex-MotoGP commentator - will doubtless pull out a few anecdotes along the way too.

'An Evening With Henry Cole' dates and venues are as follows:

Ticket prices are set by the venue, but typically start at around £30. Contact the venue directly for tickets and further details.

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Allan Black
Allan Black

I couldn't help myself; I purchased tickets as soon as I found out this was happening, and I am in the good books with the wife for it! Henry Cole changed my life, and through his work I have found inner peace with myself, kindred spirits. I have found him to be a kindhearted, honest and he always tries to be the best he can be, Steve Parish or "Stavros" is just the same. They have been through hard times and are willing to share their experiences with others for the benefit of others, although watch out for pranks from Stavros!! Both chaps have great stories to tell, and I am positive that you will love buying the tickets and goin…

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