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New series of Junk & Disorderly

Henry Cole and the gang jump back on the memorabilia merry-go-round for a new series of Junk & Disorderly on ITV4.

In each of ten episodes, Henry's challenge is to make money from buying and selling other people’s automotive junk and classic collectibles.

From auctions and autojumbles to farm dispersal sales, Henry meets a host of colourful characters on his quest to hunt out the very best deals on offer.

Then it's back to the shed and, with a lot of help from his friends, rusty relics are transformed into saleable stock.

After that the van is loaded and it’s back to an autojumble to try and sell their wares and see whether they can make a tidy profit or if all of their hard work has gone down the drain.

Tune in to Junk & Disorderly on ITV4 at 8pm on Wednesdays from 22nd June.

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1 commentaire

Allan Black
Allan Black
11 juin 2022

Can't wait to watch one of the best TV series on the telly. You want to watch again and again.

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