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Hey, my name is Oliver Flower who is everyone’s petal.

I’m a down to earth free spirit who is dedicated and loyal but sadly currently lacking in motivation and confidence due to being an introvert, I am always up for a laugh as it has been known that I am the people’s secret funny bone!, always interested in doing something adventurous, fun, unexpected and very intriguing! I am a give anything a go once kind of person who is a very communicative person, enjoys meeting new people and making new friends and a humanitarian who takes pride in looking after people if they need any aiding.

Qualified Animal Carer by name, animal carer by nature..... Don’t tell anyone but my favourite animal has got to be a Pedigree Golden Retriever dog, even though my parents only allowed me to have: 15 rabbits altogether as pets throughout my childhood, teenage years and adulthood; one of my rabbits called Jupiter lived until he was: 12 years old!, so as you can tell I am still waiting patiently to own my very own dog but one day I shall!

I am a naturally talented artist who started at school from the age of: 12 years old when it comes to not only drawing and painting both male and female portraits but animal portraits as well and I would enjoy taking this to the next level by doing it more professionally, teaching people is also one of my natural talents especially when it comes to computing and technology.

My hobbies are: playing chess due to being an intermediate player because my grandad taught me who was a Hackney, London lad, taking part in indoor/outdoor activities and events such as: computing, photography, art, reading, coffee shops drinking only black coffee because that is the way it should be drunk so say the connoisseur’s, art galleries, museums, pubs, restaurants (formal or unformal), playing darts, pool and snooker, cinema, partying in nightclubs, random adventures, walking, hiking and cycling as I am an outdoor type of person hence the reason for being a qualified animal carer.

Traveling around the world absorbing different cultures not only exploring the places that I have travelled to e.g. Spain, Cyprus, Italy (Rome), France and London of course because my grandad was born and has got family there but the places that I have not travelled to e.g. Italy (Venice), Egypt (to see my Mummy), Greece, Mexico, India (Amritsar Punjab), Australia (Sydney), America (all over including: Las Vegas baby!), Canada, New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland, Cornwall and many more places….. is on my Bucket List!

My favourite beverages are: fresh Columbian coffee, Guinness, John Smith's and San Miguel Lager, when it comes to music I enjoy listening to: Punk Rock/Rock, Pop Music, Opera and Classical Music such as: Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin. My two favourite films are: Oliver Twist (of course!) and Mr. Bean and my two favourite TV Programmes are: Shed & Buried and Find It, Fix It, Flog It - you diamond geezer.....

I would be honoured to have a friend like Henry Cole because not only is he a fun extrovert but an eccentric just like myself, therefore full of those crazy jumping bean toys - although I am an introvert just like Sam Lovegrove especially when it comes to shying away behind what you are good at. During the first UK Coronavirus Lockdown I was quarantined at my hospital on: 05/05/2020, From: 3:29-7:27pm (4 hours and 2 minutes) because my doctors thought that I had Coronavirus; which turned out to be my very first Asthma attack instead so now I have got a type of lung disease even though I live in the Devon Countryside as a country bumpkin, so whomever said the country air is good for you is lying!, haha;-D

Okay so maybe this turned out to be my very own Biography, haha;-)

P.S. I have added a sheep photographic banner because it reminded me of Henry Cole’s cool hairstyle;-)

Take care and stay safe everyone.....



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