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If you've been inspired by Henry Cole's Great British Treasure Hunt to try your hand at metal detecting, this book by Graeme Rushton will answer all your questions. 


Providing a mix of detailed information, practical help and handy hints, this book gives the reader an insight into best practice and how to enjoy the hobby in a responsible way.


Everything is covered, from choosing the right detector and equipment to gaining permission to search land and understanding the law, so you can enjoy this hobby to its maximum potential.


From beaches to farmland, you should feel confident enough to search and make interesting discoveries without feeling out of your depth.


Essential information includes discoveries of treasure and the law surrounding such finds and the identification of coins and artefacts that you may come across in your adventures.


After reading this book, you will be able to enjoy this magical and captivating past-time and have the confidence to unearth some fascinating and historical discoveries.


A must for all people interested in metal detecting.

A Guide to Metal Detecting

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