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New Series of the Motorbike Show on TV in June

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Series 12 of The Motorbike Show is scheduled to start on ITV4 from 12th June. And for the first time in its history, the popular programme has a headline sponsor;

"I need to say a a big THANK YOU to the lovely people at Motolegends" says presenter Henry Cole. "Their generosity helps us do more of the things you enjoy watching on the show."

As well as the usual exciting features and reviews, Henry will be attempting to set a new land speed record and engineering genius Allen Millyard will be shed-bound, immersing himself in another stunning restoration in the form of a Seventies Superbike.

Henry will once again traverse some of the UK's most stunning roads, being entertained and enlightened along the way by kindred spirits riding some amazing bikes.

As ever the show will feature all eras and styles of motorcycling, from pre-War bikes at the famous Banbury Run to the latest, high-end £60,000 Bimotas.

Plus features celebrating the 75th anniversary of the BSA Bantam, fun on Fizzies and much more besides.

Six new hour-long episodes of The Motorbike Show will be broadcast on ITV4 weekly, starting on 12th June at 9pm.

The Motorbike Show is sponsored by

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1 commentaire

Allan Black
Allan Black
05 mai 2023

Brilliant, Series 12 is nearly here. You know what that means, no excuse to miss it. Honestly, I love the guys and the show too, they are all honest, straight up guys with no BS, what you see is what you get. You might be guessing by now that I am a big fan of the show, well I love great TV programs, programs that don't patronise, programs that make you interested in something that you didn't think you would be, but are, and it's great that even if you know little about biking, it is OK, we all got to start somewhere, and that is a great element to the show, it takes you for the ride as well…

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